Friday, January 1, 2010

Legend... waitforit.... DARY

Its our Legendary Life List!
Its divided into sections, with travel being the largest.

1. See the Pyramids
2. Attend a show at the Sydney Opera House
3. Bungee Jump in New Zealand
4. Be part of the 1% of the population to step foot on Antarctica (and see the penguins!)
5. Safari (in Africa, of course!)
6. Stand on the Great Wall of China
7. Tour Machu Picchu & hike a part of the Inca Trail
8. Go to the Galápagos islands and hang with the Tortoises
9. Wonder at the Marvels of Ancient Greece, up close and personal.
10. See Stonehenge and listen to the conspiracy theories about it.
11. Take one of those corny pictures with the Tower of Pisa.
12. Search for Nessie in a Loch in Scotland.
13. See the Bimini Road and ponder about the Lost City of Atlantis
14. Drive Giants Causeway
15. Scuba dive in Chuuk Lagoon among the Lost Fleet
16. Visit the Taj Mahal
17. See the Northern Lights in Alaska
18. Be sprayed by the mist of Niagara Falls
19. Attempt to Hike Mount Kilimanjaro
20. Get chummy with the statues on Easter Island
21. Stay on the Las Vegas Strip and gamble 20 bucks
22. Scuba the Great Barrier Reef
23. Throw a rock over the edge of the Grand Canyon and see how long it takes to hit bottom
24. See the Ball Drop OR see the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in NYC
25. Ride the Cable Cars in San Fran
26. Wonder at Pompeii
27. See the Terra Cotta Soldiers and take pictures looking just like them
28. Act like a kid again for a week at Disney World
29. Meet some locals in Cape Town
30. Visit the Luxor Temple and stroll around the grandeur of the City
31. Take a canal boat in Venice
32. Visit the twin temples of Abu Simbel and comment on how we should have our own monuments built into mountains
33. Explore Petra, Jordan
34. Meditate in the Golden Temple
35. Take a train thru the Canadian Rockies
36. See the Uluru Sunset
37. Relax on a beach in the Maldives
38. Whitewater Raft Victoria Falls area
39. Watch the crazy rock climbers on El Capitan
40. See the lava flow in Hawaii
41. Fill our brains from the Museums in Paris
42. Get a tailored piece of clothing in Hong Kong
43. Have tea with a Sherpa in the Himalayas
44. Go to Rio Carnival and live to tell the tale
45. Don't sleep because there is too much to see in Rome
46. Walk around Aukland and decide on something cool to do
47. Oogle at the riches of Dubai
48. Chill with the Orangoutangs in Singapore
49. Buy vanilla in La Digue
50. Visit the "Cultural Triangle" and meet some monks in Sri Lanka
51. Make dirty jokes in Bangkok
52. Snorkel the reefs in Barbados
53. Drive the Ring Road
54. Get a certificate at the Icelandic Elf School
55. Stay in one of the sweet water-huts in Bora Bora
56. Learn to Surf in Bali
57. Bushwack in the Amazon to see Angel Falls
58. Go to the Anne Frank house
59. Stay in a ridiculous hotel in Barcelona and get room service
60. Visit Jerusalem and walk the streets where Jesus walked
61. See Mount Rushmore and make McCulley Culkin references
62. Visit the historic sites of Boston & Philadelphia
63. Try to make a guard laugh in London
64. Do a Russian dance in Moscow
65. Visit St. Petersburg and sing the song from Anastasia
66. Ride the Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna
67. Take a picture with a red scarf in front of the Eiffel Tower (10 points if you get this reference)
68. Swim in Puerto Rico's Biolumecent Bay
69. Tour a lighthouse in Maine
70. Take a nap in a Park in DC
71. Eat a bunch of chocolate in Hershey
72. Listen to cool music in The French Quarter of New Orleans
73. Go to a performance in Carnigie Hall
74. Tour Graceland and eat PB&B sandwiches
75. Go to Carlsbad and get a t-shirt
76. Go to the top of the Space Needle
77. Get something semi-illegal and bring it back from Tijuana
78. Schilitterbaun it up for at least 2 days
79. Go to SXSW and rock our socks off, literally
80. See a show on Broadway
81. Eat Peaches in Georgia
82. Eat till we burst at the Bluebell Factory

1. Eat frogs legs
2. Have Oysters
3. Eat sushi from fish caught that day
4. Eat a chocolate covered bug

Cash Monies
1. Be able to travel - 1+ trip a year, big or small (off the list)
2. Have college funds for each of our children
3. Have a cute little house with a front/back porch
4. Have a sweet old muscle car

1. Have children before we are 30.
2. Adopt.